Guide to choosing women’s down jackets for every occasion

Guide to choosing women's down jackets for every occasion

Women’s down jackets are perfect for you who love that warm feeling during a cold winter season. During the coldest months of the year, when temperatures plummet, the first thing you do is rush out to buy a down jacket. We’re sure you’re thinking about it right now, too.

But how to choose women’s down jackets? The question requires further consideration, for many reasons.

We can say that many women underestimate the potential of this garment, which is not always well seen. In fact, many think it is too sporty or even too bulky. The truth, however, is another. One is not always able to choose the right model of women’s down jacket. This is because there is a lack of information that could make the choice easier.

We thought of creating a guide to buying women’s down jackets so that you can find the right models for you and your needs, every day and for every occasion.

How to choose women’s down jackets

A down jacket is a comfortable and versatile garment and you too should have one in your wardrobe. It protects you from the cold, rain and wind and is a valuable ally on winter days.

Be careful to choose it well. Here are our tips for finding the right one for your physique.

If you have a pear-shaped body, we advise you to choose a flared down jacket with a higher waist and wider underneath. In this way you will create a figure that is harmonious and beautiful to look at, without adding volume in critical areas. In this way you do not emphasise the hips.

If you have broad shoulders, choose a down jacket without a hood and without a large collar. If you are not tall, opt for a short down jacket. An exaggerated length would give your figure little impetus and would look disproportionate.

If, on the other hand, you are tall, you can choose the length you prefer. In this case, the choice is yours.

But let’s come to the various models and colours. There are sporty women’s down jackets that are suitable for outdoor sports and less formal occasions, but there are also elegant down jackets that can easily take the place of a coat.

When buying a down jacket for women, it is also useful to make a choice about colours. Which ones do you prefer? Every year, some colours are more trendy than others. There are years when fluorescent down jackets are all the rage, others when brighter but less obvious colours are proposed. And this year?

Coloured duvets are perfect for those looking for a touch of colour on a dull day. We know it well: winter days are often grey, windy, cold and rainy, so you need a colourful duvet to bring a bit of cheer. It is impossible to resist fashion colours such as ochre, orange, petrol green and purple.

Of course, if you want a model that can be used on all occasions, then it is preferable to buy a jacket in a neutral colour. Black, white, powder: there are several and you can choose your favourite.

If, on the other hand, you want to buy a down jacket that won’t go unnoticed, then we recommend models in gold or silver. Trendy for several years, these jackets embellish every outfit but without sacrificing comfort.

Some rules to follow for the right jacket

As you can see, when it comes to shapes and colours, you are spoilt for choice.

What you have to do is choose what you like best and what makes you feel good about yourself, even when you look in the mirror.

A down jacket is not a garment to look at with suspicion, but an option to consider if you don’t want to wear your usual coat all the time.

When choosing a jacket for winter, it is important to opt for a model made of quality materials. This is a detail that should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to outerwear.

If one buys a poor quality down jacket, protection from cold and wind is not guaranteed. A real detriment if you think that one of the motivations for buying this type of garment is precisely protection from the weather.

Moreover, poor materials usually go hand in hand with bad design. In short, buying this type of product will get you neither comfort nor a fashionable garment.

Another rule to follow is to buy a sports jacket for everyday wear and a more elegant down jacket for special occasions. That way you will always have a perfect garment for every occasion.