How to choose a coat for winter: seasonal trends

How to choose a coat for winter: seasonal trends

When winter comes knocking, what’s the first question you ask yourself? It probably concerns how to choose a coat. This is a fundamental garment to protect us from the cold during winter, and it is always useful to have some small tips for a correct purchase in line with all the trends of the season.

Unlike other types of outerwear, the coat is designed to be as warm and comfortable as elegant. And the season’s trends speak to us precisely of elegant coats made of quality materials and unique designs.

How to choose a coat

Some women have many doubts about how to choose a coat. The fear is always one: appearing clumsy. But this only happens if you choose the wrong model and not in line with your body shape.

To choose the right and fashionable coat, it is useful to make some considerations. Find out with us which ones.

The first tip is to choose your coat according to your figure. Beyond seasonal fashions and trends, finding the right model for your body shape helps you make the best possible purchase.

For this reason, if you have a skinny body, you could opt for a double-breasted coat. A great classic that never goes out of fashion and that all brands re-propose every winter season.

A comfortable and elegant model that is perfect for enhancing a slender silhouette and giving it some volume.

If, on the other hand, you have wide hips and a bit of a belly, it is preferable to opt for other coat models. Our recommendation is a dressing gown coat with a waist belt or a trapeze coat model.

Of course, for the length of the coat you have to pay attention to your height, although we can say that above-the-knee models are perfect for everyone.

If you are tall, on the other hand, you can also opt for a long coat, but be careful how you match it: we recommend jeans or dark trousers to balance out the figure a bit.

Fashionable coat colours

What are the fashion colours of coats? This is also a question to consider when thinking about buying a new coat.

Let’s say it straight away: with the great classics you can never go wrong. We can buy a beige or black coat and be sure that it will never go out of fashion.

Camel-coloured, black, ice-coloured are evergreens and you should have at least one neutral-coloured coat in your collection. This is a shrewdness that allows you to always have the right garment at the right time.

There are elegant and formal occasions when a neutral coat is what you need and you cannot go wrong. Wearing it is a guarantee.

Then of course there are the fashion colours that can change from season to season. In this case which one should you prefer? The one you like and that fits you best. This is always good advice and should never be underestimated.

Before buying a coloured coat, also think carefully about what colours you wear most so that you always have a good match ready.

Blue, pink or light blue are just some of the fashion colours in which coats from the best brands are available this year.

Choose the one you prefer or buy them all, perhaps in different models, so that you always have plenty of choice.

How to choose your coat based on trendy patterns

A big return to the 70s: this is one of the big trends of recent years and it also applies to coats. Classic cuts, reminiscent of those times, and lots of colour.

However, classic cuts and dark colours are also a big trend of the moment, which is why if you want to go along with it, you should prefer this type of model.

Whichever model you choose, we have a few more pieces of advice for you.

Choose only quality coats, made of the best fabrics and with an easily recognisable Made in Italy design.

Also, always go for something that is comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself. Apart from the fashions of the moment, following this advice means having only garments in your collection that enhance the figure and make the wearer feel unique.