How to choose the perfect jeans for every body shape

How to choose the perfect jeans for every body shape

Timeless classics, jeans are a must-have that cannot be missed in your closet. But how to choose the perfect jeans according to your body shape?

Let’s face it: all jeans are not the same, and the choice of models to buy and wear should always be conscious.

Whether they are skinny, cropped, flared what matters is that they fit your unique physique. Ready to find out how to choose the best one?

How to choose the right jeans among various models

Let’s see, then, how to choose jeans according to physicality. A guide to always keep in mind, which allows you not to make a mistake in a purchase.

Before we begin, a clarification is needed. Choosing the perfect jeans means selecting a model that can make us feel good.

Chiara Dalba jeans, with their Made in Italy design, are comfortable, versatile and fit well to all physicalities, enhancing the female form.

The jeans right for those with generous curves

The boyfriend jeans have a cut that looks good on those with generous curves. It gives that rock touch that never hurts and is comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. Choose it and wear it with more classic or daring pairings: it will always be a hit.

For those who have a bit of a tummy and want to hide it, we recommend the high waist. This type of jeans goes to thin the hips and tends to hide the belly.

The secret, however, is always the same: you will have to create harmony by choosing jeans models that can embrace the shape.

We also recommend push-up effect jeans in slightly stretch cotton. Faithful friends of women, they lift critical points and shape the silhouette, taking off a few inches.

If your critical point is your thighs, however, the advice is to choose jeans with a straight leg and regular waist. Prefer dark-washed models that are not only perfect, but also very trendy. A classic that never goes out of fashion and allows you to be always on point, with any kind of combination.

Often, then, those with a round butt are looking for the ideal jeans. Areyou among these women? Then we have good news. It exists and it is gorgeous. In this case, the model to choose is a straight regular jean. Pay attention to the leg. In this case you may prefer palazzo jeans, always trendy and nice to wear even with heeled shoes for a more elegant combination.

In this case beware of tight, low-waisted jeans: they should not be in your closet.

How to choose the perfect jeans if you have a slim figure

The opposite case? The flat bottom. What do we do in this case? Choosing the right jeans is often difficult and some doubts may arise.

If your goal is to give some volume to the B-zone then choose jeans with contrasting decorated pockets.

Tall or short: which jeans to choose?

Here are the two most frequently asked questions about which jeans to choose according to height.

If you are tall, you have a wide choice of models to choose from. If you are tall and slim, you can also opt for skinny jeans, which are popular with many women and are easy to match with any style and look.

For all tall girls we also recommend jeans with wide legs, boyfriend jeans and, above all, we recommend playing with the washes of the fabric. You could also choose lighter washes.

If, on the other hand, you are short, then follow these tips.We suggest you choose tight jeans so that they slim your figure. Also, prefer long models that can also hide a bit of heel.

How to choose the perfect jeans: the latest trends

What are the latest trends for jeans? This can also help you choose the perfect model to buy for the new season.

We know that flared jeans, which were all the rage in the 1970s, are back in fashion and are still a dreamy style today.

But palazzo jeans are also trendy and it is interesting to have at least one pair in your wardrobe to create cool looks.

The same advice also applies to straight jeans with a regular waist. The famous straight leg is always a hit and allows jeans to be worn with any type of shoe. The regular waist makes the trousers comfortable to wear.

If the regular waist is combined with an elastic band, then the comfort doubles. This model of jeans with an elastic waist is the most comfortable there is, for womencof all ages and sizes.