How to wear a camel coat

How to wear a camel coat

Any tips on how to wear a camel coat? Here are all the tips to copy the look of the stars and always look your best.

The camel coat is a classic must-have that cannot be missing from the winter wardrobe of a true fashion lover. Not only is it warm and comfortable, it is also elegant and versatile, making it perfect for any occasion, formal or informal.
How to wear a camel coat: the best combinations

A camel-coloured coat for women is a must-have to always have in your wardrobe, to create a series of trendy combinations.

Here are a few tips to consider for the best camel-coloured coat combinations.

The first tip is to choose the right cut. What should you choose between a short camel coat and a longer model? It depends on the look you want to achieve. But not only that.

If you want to create a formal outfit with a camel coat, then you should choose a straight and sober cut, whereas for a more casual look you could choose a coat with a looser and more informal cut. The choice must be made carefully, because otherwise the risk is that you will not be able to create the combination you want. If the goal is to always feel on point and to be appreciated for one’s good taste, it is worth considering the choice of cut.

But to find the best match, it is also important to pay attention to colour. What colours should you match a camel coat with? This question is crucial and finding out helps to buy only the right ones.

This type of coat goes well with almost any colour, which is why you have to ask yourself whether you want to achieve an elegant or a more sporty effect. If elegance is the goal, then it is preferable to choose coat-hat combinations with classic colours. We recommend black, blue or grey.

For a more casual look, on the other hand, you can combine the camel coat with brighter colours such as red or green to name but a few.

Not only colours, however, because this type of coat should also be matched with the right clothing. Here too, a choice can be made according to one’s needs.

If you want a more elegant look, then you should opt for a suit or a tailleur, whereas if you want a less formal outfit, you can wear your camel coat with jeans and a T-shirt, blouse, jumper. A versatile garment that allows you to create different combinations.

Camel coat and accessories

Although it is a timeless classic, there are those who consider this colour a little anonymous. It is, however, a true passe partout on a par with a black coat. It always makes its figure and can be enriched and personalised with accessories.

Let’s see which are the most recommended. A hat and scarf certainly go well. Two must-have items during the winter period, which are also perfect in this case. What colour should you choose? Our advice is to opt for contrasting colours. These should be chosen according to the style you want to recreate, but what is important is that they contrast and enhance the personality of the coat.

As far as the bag to wear is concerned, there is plenty of room for fantasy. Certainly all shades of brown go very well, and a nice leather or dark brown bag is perfect for showing off a camel-coloured coat. Black is also fine if desired and what is important is to always match the shoe too.

How the stars wear their camel coats

Irina Shayk has often been photographed in New York in a beautiful camel coat with a masculine cut, worn strictly open. Underneath? A pair of straight-leg jeans, jumper and boots. A look to absolutely steal.

Angelina Jolie also has a real passion for camel coats. In this case, the actress prefers more fitted models that shape the figure and enhance curves. Her touch? Wearing them with wonderful dark brown boots that make all the difference. Again, copying is the watchword.

Katie Holmes, on the other hand, prefers a belted camel-coloured coat. A great classic which, however, combined with palazzo jeans and ankle boots, is combined in a decidedly modern and more jaunty way.

These are just a few style tips to consider when looking for a new way to wear a camel-coloured coat. Many others can be created according to one’s own flair and style. Fashion, after all, is all about this.