The trends for a perfect outfit for 2023

The trends for a perfect outfit for 2023

Designers for 2023 seem to have taken a lot from last year. Colours play the leading role, but in soft shades, and the most popular lines are soft and long. In short, you may already have something in your wardrobe that works for this year too; if in doubt, here are a few tips for a perfect outfit for 2023.

Colours: from pastel to fluorescent to autumn prints

Also for 2023, colour beats the classic black and white on the catwalks, but without excess. Pastel colours are in fashion, particularly in shades of purple, green and light blue. Violets and pinks are the stars among blouses and sweaters and can also go in his wardrobe as all colours are now genderless. Light blues and greens, on the other hand, are perfect for trousers but also for jackets and jackets.

This does not mean that stronger colours are to be left locked in the wardrobe. Summer in particular loves bright colours such as sunshine yellow and in fact you can also wear highlighter yellow or lime green; the caution, however, is to use the solid colour and break it up with some accessories in contrasting colours.

It will be the autumn that calls for prints or perhaps even geometric patterns, when the stronger colours will disappear along with the change of season and classic black and white or more delicate contrasting colours, such as purples combined with blues, will return.

The coat

The jacket is practical and warm, but if you are looking for an extra touch of style, you need the coat. It fits perfectly, slims the figure and can be worn either open or closed with a belt, allowing you to adapt as much to the weather as to the look.

It is a fashion classic that remains in vogue for the cold season 2023; the trend is maxi and long, even up to mid-calf length. The colours remain neutral, in shades of forest brown or even grey.

If you want to follow in the fashion of the stars, then you can opt for the leather coat, or rather eco-leather; even fashion is called upon to respect the environment and be more sustainable.

Soft, loose garments

Do you like palazzo trousers? Good, because they are the must-have for next spring-summer season. In fact, it’s hard not to love them for their ability to adapt to practically any body shape. What’s more, they are soft, they glide along the body and manage to be comfortable while remaining elegant. In short, they are a must-have in your wardrobe, in plain and soft colours.

Next to it, put on a skirt that is ankle-length and wide at the legs. The style is the same as for the trousers, but in the case of the skirt you can go for some prints, strictly floral, to be combined with a neutral solid-colour sweater: 2023 fashion does love colours but without excess.

Low footwear

Among the strong points of palazzo trousers and long skirts is the fact that they go well with almost any footwear. If you like heels you will only slender the figure even more, but if you prefer flat shoes the final outfit will still be perfect. This year then they are back – if they ever really went away – and ballet flats, among the feminine shoes par excellence To be worn without socks, they are ideal for mid-season but also for summer if you don’t like sandals. Pay attention to quality: the closed shoe on the bare foot must be of high quality, or you risk scratches and cuts that cause you pain and make you walk badly.


If you like to be daring and can afford it, you can also wear some transparent garments this year. Blouses and blouses mainly, through which you will be able to glimpse – without too much effort – lingerie. So it goes without saying that the latter must be elegant, well cared for, of quality and also opaque: remember that it becomes to all intents and purposes an item of clothing.
If you wish, you can also go for some transparency on the legs, with trouser skirts in a very light fabric; underneath wear black or brown culottes.

On the catwalks, models have also walked down the runway in transparent outfits; you judge this according to your environment. Perhaps for an evening at the beach it might be fine, for a city event better to break it up with something more wearable.