Sporty chic style, the right alternative for every silhouette

Sporty chic style, the right alternative for every silhouette

The sporty chic style combines some of the key elements of sporty style with more elegant and chic details. It is a versatile style and above all suitable for every silhouette, as it allows you to create outfits that are at the same time casual yet elegant.

It is one of the fashions of the moment and it is useful to know the trend closely in order to create new combinations that are always up-to-date.

All the combinations of the sporty chic style

To create a sporty chic look, you can take your favourite sportswear and combine it with more elegant elements. A few examples? There is nothing cooler than a nice pair of sneakers, joggers or sporty leggings paired with a shirt or top in a fine fabric. They can also be teamed with a blazer or windbreaker for a casual yet chic look suitable for different occasions.

To complete a sporty chic outfit, you can add accessories such as, for example, a shoulder bag, which is a classic of the sporty style, or if you prefer you can combine it with a shopper bag. Adding sunglasses or a hat will be an extra touch.

Another sporty chic option to consider is combining a tracksuit or sports jumpsuit with a nice chic coat or smart jacket. After all, we have said it: the aim is to create an original look.

To achieve a comfortable but at the same time elegant look, you should opt for white or black trainers, which are a real must-have for sporty chic combinations, whether you wear leggings or jogger trousers or skirts or dresses.

The advice here is to always choose all accessories according to your preferences. What is important here is always to have a balance between sporty and chic elements.

This look is perfect in different situations. We recommend it for the office, but also for some informal dates and for leisure and weekends. A versatile style, which allows every silhouette to feel comfortable at any time.

Tips on how to best interpret the style

Although it is a real trend, we must also say that this style can be very dangerous because the risk is to look sloppy.

The step to looking ready for a workout in the park is short. One always has to be careful to dose the clothes.

But for whom is a sporty chic look suitable? Definitely for rectangular women, who are slim and have few curves. This type of outfit gives the figure a more youthful air.

For pear-shaped women, on the other hand, some advice should be followed. This is because this style usually tends to emphasise the hips and hide the waist. But with a few little tricks, even a woman with a pear-shaped physique can wear this style. The advice is to wear sweatshirts and sweaters with slits so that the garment does not stop at the hips. Pairing these sweatshirts with a blazer is even trendier and is a tactical move to conceal wide hips.

Sporty chic clothing is also perfect for the inverted triangle physique. In this case, however, you should choose leggings that are not too dark and match them with jumpers with slits and raglan sleeves. This suggestion will allow the shoulders to shrink and the hips to be optically enlarged. Necklines can also be worn in these cases.

For the hourglass woman, this style has some problems, but it is possible to adapt it. The advice in this case is to wear a low-cut jumper and a fitted blazer. The preferred trousers are leggings or, in any case, tighter-fitting garments.

Another piece of advice for everyone is to prefer sweatshirts only if worn with skirts so that they can be chic. Trainers should always be present, especially if they are colourful and very pretty.

Avoid, however, acetate trousers with high heels. The look will not be sporty chic but rather outdated. Elegance, on the other hand, is something else and the key word in sporty chic is precisely comfortable, sporty elegance.