How to choose garments that enhance your silhouette

How to choose garments that enhance your silhouette

A person’s beauty is not only related to their physical appearance and objective characteristics. It is the result of personal charisma, an open and confident attitude and the ability to show off. In short, it derives more from how one agrees with oneself than from somatic features. This is why it is important to know how to dress, not so much to look a certain way in the eyes of others, but to be aware of one’s strengths.

So here are a few tips for finding the clothes that enhance your silhouette, the must-haves to have in your wardrobe.

The curvy women

There is no woman who is not beautiful if she is confident and knows how to enhance herself. And in recent years, the style of super-skinny models has taken a bit of a back seat in favour of a female body that is more curvaceous and shapely, sometimes even more abundant.

So if you are among those who have generous breasts and maybe big hips, know that there is nothing to cover up, just a few curves to go with them for a more harmonious whole.

Palazzo trousers

Among this year’s trends – to be honest, already in vogue since last year – are palazzo trousers. And that’s fortunate, because they are one of those garments that enhance even those who do not have a model’s physique. Soft on the hips and wide on the legs, they look good on practically everyone. If you have an hourglass physique, these are the trousers for you, emphasising your waist and balancing your bust with your hips. For those with a pear-shaped physique, high-waisted palazzo trousers will slide even better on the hips and buttocks.


Shapely women often have breasts as their strong point, so all that remains is to emphasise them. The perfect sweaters are those with a V-neck and long, wide sleeves, or a half-sleeve, which does not emphasise the roundness of the arms too much.

Flared skirts

The classic pencil skirt may not be the best garment for a buxom physique. It is better to opt for long, wide skirts or for a flared cut; a skirt just below the knee, which rests gently on the hips and then falls softly, is ideal in order not to squeeze the thighs too tightly.

Skinny women

In a world where weight seems to be a fixed thought, there are those who think that being thin is enough to be beautiful. In reality, beauty is an inner state: when you feel at peace with yourself, you also shine on the outside. But it also helps to know what to wear to look your best in the mirror, an extra trick to boost your self-esteem.

If you are a skinny woman, slender yes but perhaps without accentuated shapes, here you will find tips for you.

Dresses campana

The woman who has a rectangular physique, which tends to have the same measurements from the shoulders to the pelvis, should focus on the softness of clothes. Bell-shaped dresses are ideal, because they give movement to the whole. You can then play with accessories: long, colourful necklaces or flashy bracelets, all to harmonise the whole.

A fundamental ally is the belt, even a high belt: use it to mark the waistline, so as to “break up” the rectangle that forms the body.

Trousers zampa

We have already talked about palazzo trousers and they are also good for those who are very skinny. But a skinny physique is really enhanced with flared trousers; if you also love vintage style, this is the outfit for you. Flared trousers slim a leg and then soften the effect by widening at the ankle. Even better if you pair them with a soft sweater to sit above the waist.


If you look in the mirror and perhaps regret not having the curves typical of the female body, console yourself by putting an item in your wardrobe that is perfect for you: the miniskirt. It is true that there is no such thing as a forbidden garment, but the miniskirt is just right for a slender physique: it enhances the length of the leg and shows off the bottom. Match it with high heels but then soften it up with a long-sleeved shrug in contrasting colours or a stole that hugs your shoulders.