An evening out with friends: here’s the right outfit for you

An evening out with friends: here's the right outfit for you

Saturday night is synonymous with a night out with friends, at any age and in any context. Maybe younger people go clubbing until dawn, then as people get older they prefer a simple dinner. But the problem remains the same: how to dress? It depends on various factors: in addition to your personal style, of course, you have to take into account the place where the dinner will take place and the confidence you have with the other guests.

Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the right outfit for you to feel comfortable and, if you like, stand out.

Dinner at a restaurant

If the date is at a restaurant, the first thing to know is the type of venue we are going to. If it is elegant and it is a formal evening, then obviously we should look for something refined. Heels are almost a must on this occasion; it is better to avoid stilettos when you are among friends, it could be a bit pretentious. An ankle boot with a square heel or a sandal or a closed shoe with a strap will do.

For an evening out somewhere elegant choose a skirt, but avoid a sheath dress and a suit, both of which are too formal for an evening out with friends. A straight-cut knee-length skirt or a flared skirt with a V-neck sweater are a good choice.

If you are going to a pizzeria or trattoria with a homey ambience then go with trousers. You can also choose jeans, but then make the outfit a little more sophisticated with a high shoe, a blouse and stylish accessories. With palazzo or classically cut trousers you can opt for less high shoes, even ballet flats, and complete the outfit with a soft sweater that sits on the waist.

Dinner at home

If you are invited for an evening at home then you are probably among close friends. The atmosphere will be more relaxed and quiet, so your look should also be everyday. Remember, however, that it is still an evening out: in short, leave the suits at home! What you can wear instead are snakers, or ballet flats; in short, shoes with heels are left to rest in the shoe cupboard.

Trousers are fine in this situation, even classic jeans with a polo shirt or a print shirt worn outside the trousers, perhaps with a belt to mark the waist. Loose, long skirts are also fine, or low-cut dresses, certainly not something too dressy.

In any case, you will certainly know what the hostess’ style is and it is essential to take this into account. If you know that she is a woman who cares about elegance when she has guests, choose at least a few accessories to complete the ensemble: a piece of jewellery and a nice make-up will be enough to show that you have carefully prepared for the evening. If, on the other hand, you are going to the home of someone who likes the comfort of a casual outfit, avoid wearing something too fancy even if it would be natural for you; you would risk being out of context or overshadowing your host.

Dinner among mere acquaintances

It may happen, due to a number of circumstances, to find oneself at a dinner party that is informal but among people with whom one is not familiar. It may be your boyfriend’s friends or a dinner among colleagues among whom only a few can really be called friends. However, if you know that the meeting is intended to be informal, all you have to do is adapt your outfit to this request, without, however, falling into the banal or risking being too casual.

If in doubt then avoid jeans and opt for classic trousers, perhaps black: an evergreen that can adapt to any situation and allows you to easily create the rest of the look. Don’t wear them with a white blouse though, that would be far too banal with the risk of finding yourself wearing the same dress as another guest. Wear something that creates movement: it can be a soft blouse in pastel tones, so as to stand out without overdoing the contrasts. Or a mini dress with geometric figures, which stands out without being excessive.

As shoes, a bit of a heel is always needed, but no stiletto pumps: not knowing how others will dress, you risk being out of place. For the same reason, avoid sneakers, even the most sophisticated ones. Better a shoe with a square heel or an ankle boot, capable of adapting to any environment and any situation.