How to get the most out of your wardrobe

How to get the most out of your wardrobe

The maxim less is more can be applied to any field with excellent results, but when it comes to elegance it is essential to know it well. A few well-selected accessories and a few well-groomed clothes give style and accuracy in greater quantities than the best-stocked wardrobe; in fact, a full wardrobe is almost useless, if you don’t have the foresight to keep them at their best and combine them wisely.

It’s not an economic issue, but this is just one of those cases where choosing quality is much more important than quantity. You can also decide to buy designer or otherwise valuable clothes, spending relatively large amounts of money and make ends meet by saving on those impulse purchases. In short, those t-shirts that are worn only at the beach and those imperfectly cut trousers on offer can also remain on the shelf of some shop, while in our wardrobe it is better to choose garments that look good on us, follow our style and are suitable for the occasions of our everyday life.

So even a limited number of clothes is enough to always be in fashion, just knowing How to get the most out of your wardrobe; here are some tricks

1. Care for every outfit

It seems obvious but it is not always: every garment must be well maintained. If your sweater has lint and your blouse has a creased hem, it means it’s time to get rid of it, even if you’re so fond of it and it looks good on you. The same goes for colors: remember that nothing is eternal, and that little black dress will become opaque black over time.

Seams under the sleeves of the jacket or in the pockets of the trousers, worn cuffs and collars that sag: pay attention to all these details. They may escape you, using the clothes every day, but they will leap to the attention of others. Always check before you go out.

2. Black yes but there are other colors

The sheath dress, the suit, the black knee-length skirt: the black style is an evergreen capable of resolving many situations. It is therefore clear that you must have these garments, without duplicating them. If you already have a pair of classic-fit black pants, you may not need jeans or palazzo pants in the same color as well.

Make sure you have 2 or 3 total black garments and then focus on the other colors. A colorful blouse or a belt with bold shades will suffice to complete the look in no time. In this way the same trousers, with some skilful combinations, will support multiple outfits.

3. Divide the wardrobe by occasions of use

Another good rule that is well known but not always followed: divide the garments according to the occasions already in the wardrobe. This helps to immediately identify what to wear before an event or an appointment, or for every day. It will also help you understand if you need to buy something and what kind; Of course, shopping letting yourself be guided by the purchase of the moment is pleasant, but if you want to optimize your wardrobe, you must always know what it abounds in and what it lacks instead.

4. Fight the routine

Still in organizing drawers and shelves, there is another trick to use that will help you alternate your outfits in a natural way. It all depends on how you store your clothes: those that have just been washed and ironed put them further down in the wardrobe, or underneath in the case of a drawer, so you will have those you haven’t used for a while in front of you Speed up your choice when you need to get ready and it saves you from showing up to work every week in the same outfit. Furthermore, in this way you will use the clothes with a constant rhythm and you will have less risk of finding yourself with some garments – often the most loved ones worn out or ruined

5. Change little, but often

Finally, a piece of advice that sums up the others a bit. We are all looking for a simpler life and houses less cluttered with objects we don’t use: this also applies to the wardrobe. This does not mean devoting oneself to an austere life and not following fashion, quite the opposite. The secret is to have a few well-chosen items to change more often. As experts suggest, a dress not used for the entire season should be eliminated, so as to have more space. By avoiding useless purchases, you can invest in valuable items that highlight your physicality, and change them after a few months. The same goes for coats and jackets, which can be bought to always follow the trend of the year.

Variety, elegance and shrewd shopping: what more could you want!