Outfit of the day: how to choose the right clothes for a casual day

Outfit of the day: how to choose the right clothes for a casual day

Not excessively elegant, comfortable but not shabby, comfortable but not sporty: the casual look is the most common and the most used , and therefore you need to know how to create it in the best possible way. In fact, it is not enough to wear trousers and a t-shirt: comfort yes, but personal style must always peep out.

A casual day usually includes some commuting, some time outdoors and a relaxed environment among people with whom you are somewhat familiar. So let’s leave aside heels, showy accessories and too heavy make-up , and let’s focus on those garments that can be worn for a few hours without being annoying

From sport to everyday life

The casual style comes from sportswear. At the beginning of the 20th century, exercising was considered for the lower classes, so elegant people dressed very formally . Over time, however, the need to move freely became increasingly clear and so overalls and work clothes were adapted in a more sophisticated key.

So don’t confuse casual with overalls. This garment can be sophisticated too, but it is suitable for other occasions.

Jeans, the king of casual

There’s no way around it: no item of clothing is as versatile and indispensable as a pair of jeans. After all, a pair is not much: in every wardrobe you need at least 2 or 3, different in cut and color .

Whether you are looking for a look suitable for a not too formal day at the office or for walking with friends downtown, jeans will solve all your problems.

Choose it in the classic denim color or better yet, lighter . However, avoid the models with tears, to be left to the very young or on some occasions outdoors; in any case, combine them very well or they will immediately seem excessive.

A classic cut or skinny jeans, on the other hand, goes with everything. The neutral color welcomes any type of shirt and goes well with both sneakers and sandals or ballet flats. Since we’re talking about a casual day, let’s avoid heels that are too high, especially if they are stilettos.

When it comes to jeans, however, there are not only trousers, but also jackets. Another evergreen garment, be worn from April to September for any occasion and with any style. For a casual outfit it’s fine, worn open, perhaps with a sash around the waist.

A word of advice though: avoid the jens jacket-trouser suit . The risk is to look like something out of an 80s series.

Bermudas and skirts

As an alternative to jeans, for a casual look, avoid cloth trousers or tight skirts, they give a different effect. You can instead fall back on Bermuda shorts , classic but sporty, perfect when the weather is too hot for jeans.

Alternatively, long and wide skirts are also good, perhaps with floral prints . With a low shoe, they immediately have a casual effect.

The crew neck t-shirt

The t-shirt, or rather the typical shirt, is probably the most present garment in the wardrobes of the Western world. Thanks to the quantity of prints and designs with which it is placed on the market, you can have dozens (literally) and always create different looks.

However, the classic model, the T-shaped one from which it takes its name, is more sporty than casual and does not always suit everyone; for example, it is suitable for a slender physique rather than for those with large breasts . To be casual but always with a chic touch, it’s better to opt for a crew neck sweater, which gives a softer effect. The sleeves can also be very short, almost like flaps.

The shirt must always be worn tucked in or, if short, placed over the waist. If you want to leave it out, be careful to avoid the scruffy effect ; play with a belt to mark the waist, or tie it on the side. Very simple gimmicks that will immediately give a different effect to the whole.

The shoes

What are the casual shoes par excellence? Sneakers without a  doubt. Today there are so many models that we no longer speak of sports shoes, but of street style footwear. And however colorful they may be, they will always manage to adapt to everything.

However, all flat shoes are fine . The timeless flats for example, but also flip-flop sandals. If you really love heels, choose a sandal with a square heel and a maximum height of 3 centimeters in the summer, an ankle boot with a round toe and in velvet in the winter.