How to match a linen shirt

How to match a linen shirt

Linen is a fabric considered elegant and classy. And indeed it is. The value of its workmanship, the shiny and silky effect, the idea of ​​freshness and refinement that it emanates make it stand out from garments in cotton or synthetic fabric; on the other hand, for the same reasons not everyone wants to wear it every day.

In reality, however, linen is very versatile, suitable for any season and for different outfits . Based on the combination, therefore, it can become a garment for a formal evening or for work, or for leisure. It starts with color and cut, and then just let your imagination run wild, always following a few basic rules to be sure you don’t create inconsistent mixes.

The white shirt, the summer must par excellence

Let’s start by analyzing different combinations with the linen shirt from one of the most common garments during the summer: the white linen shirt. The main feature of this garment is its immense versatility : he can really go with everything and adapt to any occasion of use,

Let’s see first, however, with the most common and practical way to wear it, the casual style. In this case it becomes perfect if combined with shorts, even in jeans, or fabric Bermuda shorts up to mid-thigh. The shirt will be worn untucked, perhaps with a high belt to mark the waist.

Long or short sleeves? Usually, the classic choice is the three-quarter sleeve, however longer than a t-shirt. If the sleeves are long, they are worn rolled up to below the elbow.

With a pair of sneakers or flip flops, it goes well for leisure time and even for the beach . With wedges or sandals with square heels , it becomes the ideal look for an aperitif with friends or shopping.

But a white shirt is also one of the perfect garments for work. In this case it can be combined with a pair of long trousers, perhaps always in linen, black or colored – in summer you can be daring – or with a short and narrow skirt. With a heeled shoe it will also be perfect for an important meeting.

The single color suit

If you especially love the colors of summer, even those that fill your wardrobes, linen comes to the rescue on this occasion too. A single-colored suit can really solve many different situations.

Here the matching is already done, so the difference will be the way you wear the shirt and, of course, the accessories. The shirt can be worn untucked, for a more informal outfit suitable for leisure time and events during the day.

If, on the other hand, you wear the shirt tucked in , the first thing to think about will be the belt. Already that alone can lead you towards a casual or more chic look. A sash will surely tone down the formal tone, a leather belt is perfect if you have a gala evening.

Finally the shoes. The feminine accessory par excellence can give character to the whole outfit. Linen is mostly used in summer, so any type of sandal will be perfect . With low and sporty ones, the outfit will be more casual, but nothing prevents you from wearing sandals with stiletto heels and glitter, for a special evening event.

And what about the colors? Fortunately, summer sets very few rules in this regard: we go from pastel colors to brighter ones without major differences with respect to the occasions for use. Generally speaking, stronger colors are more suitable for out-of-the-ordinary occasions, while neutral ones are good for every day. But when you’re on vacation you can turn a blind eye and wear the color that makes you feel more in tune with your day at any time .

Color matching

If you like separates, make sure that one of the two garments is a neutral color . It’s easier to do it with trousers: a pair of light blue jeans or trousers in beige tones will match the linen shirt of any color. Maybe avoid white, if you don’t want a combination that risks being a bit banal.

In these cases play a lot on jewelry and costume jewelry . A long necklace in bright colors will make an outfit with a pastel jacket and neutral trousers more lively. If, on the other hand, you like to wear fluorescent colored garments, white necklaces and earrings could tone down the bright colour.