Linen tunics: a touch of elegance for the summer

Linen tunics: a touch of elegance for the summer

Who said linen shirts are only for men? It is true that for some time shirts, jackets and linen suits were the summer saving option for men, both for the office and for formal events. But linen remains a fabric of great value, suitable for anyone especially in the heat , due to its absorbent capacity and the breathability it gives to the skin.

Therefore, since we are in a genderless era , let’s abandon these now obsolete canons: even for women, linen tunics are the touch of elegance that is needed for the summer.

Compared to acrylic fabrics, it gives a little more thought when it comes to ironing and storing it; in this regard, it is better to iron the linen tunic without folding it and place it on a clothes hanger in the wardrobe . In any case, the commitment is well rewarded: anything but synthetic shirts, which make you sweat and get ruined with a few sunny days! A linen tunic is – almost – forever, it does not fear the sun’s rays and does not fade . And above all, it gives class and elegance

The boss who looks good on everyone

Another not indifferent advantage of the linen tunic that doesn’t make any difference: it fits everyone . The soft cut and silky fabric do not constrict, mark imperfections or cut the figure. If the t-shirt can be a little too sporty and the blouse binds the movements of those who are a little curvy, the linen tunic glides softly accompanying the silhouette .

Also because it can easily be worn both tucked in, thus marking the waist, and untucked, covering a little belly.

The open jacket

If you have a linen shirt or an open tunic , the combinations are even more numerous and diversified. In fact, you can decide whether to wear it in the traditional way, perhaps over trousers with a belt at the waist. Or you can tuck it into your trousers and undo a few buttons, revealing a top or tank top underneath.

If it’s discreet, perhaps with a little lace, this outfit will also work well for formal events and maybe for work. If, on the other hand, you want to be daring, leave the tunic open and wear a very short bra top underneath, then it will be fine for a truly glamorous occasion!

Skirt or trousers?

The linen tunic is worn above all with trousers . Nobody forbids the skirt of course, but you have to be careful how to create the ensemble. Given that the tunic already falls softly on the body, with a long and wide skirt the final ensemble would be a little too sagging, with a somewhat “awkward” effect . Rather better to opt for a narrow skirt, which however in summer is not always suitable.

Here, then, are the trousers making a comeback. Skinny or capri-style ones are fine. Jeans are ok too, even if softer fabrics are ideal, including linen of course. If you want a ton sur ton suit, make sure that the color of the tunic and trousers is exactly the same and not just similar , because it would look like something put together at random. Better rather different colors between the two garments, of which at least one must always be neutral .

From the office to the beach

As mentioned, the strength of the linen tunic is that it looks good on anyone and adapts to any occasion. And since it’s the king of summer fabric, it can’t help but reach the beach.

If desired, the linen tunic alone can act as a cover-up ; perfect under the sun, light on the skin, it adds a touch of glamor even when under an umbrella. For the seaside, it can be combined with denim shorts and a pair of flip flops, if you are looking for something youthful and very casual. Or with cropped trousers and heeled sandals if you need an outfit for a dinner in a restaurant by the sea .

 What to put on

Finally, let’s think about what to put on top, in the case of a slightly cooler evening or to take shelter from the air conditioning in certain rooms. If it’s a closed tunic, perhaps worn tucked into trousers, a blazer will do just fine. If, on the other hand, it is open or in any case the outfit expects it to remain soft above the waist, it is better to avoid other different lengths. Change your style altogether and bring a shawl or stole with you ; it will repair wind blows by embellishing the elegance of the jacket itself.