Denim jacket: how to match it for a perfect summer look

Denim jacket: how to match it for a perfect summer look

There is no wardrobe, male or female, girl or mature person, that doesn’t contain at least one pair of jeans for the whole year. And very often, when you change wardrobes with the arrival of summer, there is also a denim jacket .

An evergreen garment, which has established itself as a style accessory since the middle of the last century and has never stopped appearing on the catwalks. Through the decades and fashions, this garment has remained the protagonist and worn by everyone from spring to autumn . Comfortable for mid-season and cool evenings, resistant to sun and rain, easy to match; what more could you ask for in a piece of clothing?

It’s hard to beat him and for this reason everyone has one in the closet. For this too, however, the risk is to fall a bit banal, combining it in an ordinary way. So here are some ideas for a perfect match for your summer look

Ton sur ton or broken?

The first question to ask yourself is if you want a tone-on-tone suit, or rather jeans with jeans . If you like ton sur ton, there is one caveat to take into account: it must really be the same shade of colour . In short, a denim jacket with light blue jeans are not the same and the final effect will be different. So if you want the whole set, make sure they are the same, better if you buy them together.

This consideration is even more important if we are not talking about classic jeans dye but about colored canvas. If you have a pink or green denim jacket, it must necessarily be combined with trousers of the exact same color; otherwise, go to broken.

In this second case, if you stay on a solid color, use neutral colors. A blue jacket goes well with black or white jeans; however, avoid other colors , or it will seem a somewhat random combination. Rather, go to the prints

The denim jacket and floral fabrics

Here we really enter the field of classic and even slightly vintage combinations, so be careful because it’s easy to slip and create an outfit that looks botched. The denim jacket on floral dresses looks great, but with a little attention . In general, the short dress is better for the day, the long one for the evening or for some formal engagement. Furthermore, with a long floral dress you immediately have a vintage look; take this into account and use accessories accordingly, or the new one will look like you put an ordinary jacket on the dress you had.

T-shirt or shirt?

The garment worn under the denim jacket is of great importance, given that sooner or later you will take off the jacket and it will become the protagonist. You can also wear a shirt, but the outfit immediately becomes formal and, above all, very little summery.

If you really like the idea of ​​the blouse, then find a short one or keep it untucked and tie it, so that it rests at the waist.

If not, go on a t-shirt. If you opt for a t-shirt, wear it tucked in your pants: avoid it going down under the jacket because it breaks the figure . Better yet, look for a short shirt or top; it’s summer anyway, you can afford something minimal.

And for the colors? It’s always better not to overdo it . If you have a shirt with a print, at least the background is white. If you go on solid color, that the colors are not too bright. The denim jacket is already an important garment, there’s no need to increase the final effect with too many shades.

The shoes

The denim jacket always wants sneakers’ Absolutely not, especially in the summer, when sneakers should step aside and make room for any type of sandal .

But of course they aren’t forbidden either: if you wear a jacket and jeans, a white sneaker will do just fine for a casual day.

Better still, however, a pair of ballet flats, which are lighter and don’t add weight to the ensemble. If you have a long dress, sandals are almost a must, preferably flat and flip flops. With a Corsican dress, sandals with square heels, even 3 or 4 centimeters high. With pants, a wedge is the best choice you can make.

And the heels? If you really want to wear them, combine them with cropped jeans with a tank top and jacket; a look halfway between casual and aggressive.