Bermuda shorts and accessories: the perfect match

Bermuda shorts and accessories: the perfect match

Once a typical men’s garment, in recent years on the catwalks women’s bermudas have also had a role in the spotlight, short but not too short pants, wide enough to be positioned close to skirts in style, but comfortable like jeans. Cool in summer and elegant enough to be used in the office too .

The most classic is the linen bermuda in neutral tones , but there are also coloured, always solid colours, or in jeans. In short, a versatile piece of clothing, which can be transformed even more thanks to the accessories that are combined with it.

The different lengths of the Bermuda shorts

One of the most evident characteristics of Bermuda shorts is their length, which also varies greatly from one model to another. Typically, Bermuda shorts reach at least mid-thigh, even a little lower , thus distinguishing themselves from shorts, but without exceeding the knee or they are capri pants.

Slightly shorter Bermuda shorts are good for leisure time; if you want to wear them to work, they better touch the knee

As a cut, longer ones usually hang straight, perhaps with turn-ups at the end of the leg. The short ones, on the other hand, can have a flared cut, until they open up like a sort of trouser skirt.

Jacket and vest

If you really want to make the whole look special starting from the Bermuda shorts, a garment that can make the difference is the jacket . If the bermudas are in jeans , a leather jacket will give an aggressive effect that does not go unnoticed. If you are looking for something more elegant, a blazer will do the trick. With neutral colors, it could also become an office look; with brighter colors, the outfit for even elegant summer evenings

Another successful combination is the one with the gilet, preferably slightly oversized. In this case, the ideal is to opt for a ton sur ton between gilet and Bermuda shorts , and break up with the shirt or top. This will be neutral in color, if you want a simple look suitable for different occasions, or bright if you are looking for something that illuminates the whole

The shoe

As always, the shoes alone are able to give character to the whole ensemble. If a white or beige shirt basically fits everything and the jewels can be more or less showy, the choice of shoe leaves no doubt: it will be her to decide the type of look we are wearing.

Obviously this also applies to Bermuda shorts, which will take on a different look based on what you want to put on your feet. Obviously they go well with sports shoes, but be careful with sneakers: if you choose a tennis shoe, it must be light , like canvas shoes, and low on the ankle. Otherwise you really risk cutting the figure.

The ideal is an open shoe, of any kind . You can start from flip flops, for leisure time even in the city when it matters a lot, up to the wedge slipper, also suitable for the office.

If, on the other hand, you want to be daring, throw yourself on heels . Open sandals, perhaps with glitter, and high heels will bring the Bermuda shorts into a more refined environment. Do you want to get noticed? A pair of 12-heel pumps , Bermuda shorts and a tank top: casual with that glamorous touch that disorients. But be warned: you need to be confident to carry it head-on!

For those looking for something really fanciful, the right choice is that of slippers with low heels and a fur bow on the toe: they will certainly not go unnoticed.

The belt

Speaking of trousers, we cannot fail to mention the belt. These too can make the difference with respect to the style you want to give to your outfit. If you opt for a leather belt , obviously the look immediately becomes formal; in short, we will certainly not use it for the beach. Otherwise, the belt can be replaced with a colored sash . This is less demanding and is good for different occasions of use.

Necklaces and bracelets

A look is always completed with jewels and bijouterie, and Bermuda shorts are also affected. Since we are talking about a summer clothing item, you can dare with voluminous accessories and bright colors . A long necklace, with large and colored stones or even with holes, will surely make the outfit lean towards leisure time. If, on the other hand, you wear more classic jewels, a neutral-toned suit will immediately become very elegant.