How to create the perfect summer wardrobe: essentials for every occasion

How to create the perfect summer wardrobe: essentials for every occasion

‘A pair of jeans and a T-shirt’ was the title of a popular Italian film from the 1980s, signifying the simplicity of the most basic clothing there is; Summer in fact evokes simplicity and immediacy: one dresses lightly, quickly and is ready to enjoy the fine days;

Beware, however: not even hot weather can be an excuse not to follow fashion trends! It is if a t-shirt and a pair of jeans may be fine when you are in a hurry and have to go out on an urgent errand at the last minute, preparing for different occasions requires a little more concentration and, above all, a well-stocked wardrobe. Everything must be at hand so that you are not caught unprepared;

So are you ready for summer? We start

Long dress

This really is a must-have garment: the flowery dress tight at the waist and down to the feet. For 2023, who likes pastel tones, the fancy better to choose delicate, with small flowers on a white background. The V-neck, not too pronounced, and a light-coloured plain band at the waist;

If you’re one of those women who don’t like skirts, there’s a solution for you too: a trouser suit with wide leg, even very wide: it will look like a skirt and you will feel perfectly comfortable.

The shorts

There is no summer that does not call for at least one pair of shorts. You can dare by choosing something very short, which stops just below the buttocks, or prefer a Bermuda shorts, in jeans or linen, also suitable for the city. The important thing is that they are comfortable and you feel comfortable.

You can pair them with a simple tank top or a crop top, but if you want something more elegant, choose a short waist T-shirt with a round neckline and complete it with a blazer.

The shoulder cover

How many women have found themselves deciding whether to wear a low-cut dress or a more covered one to shelter from the wind? La soluzione è l’immancabile copri spalle. A wild card garment, which completes the outfit without covering it and without being hot. The one to always have in your wardrobe is black, of light fabric, short to mid-back and with three-quarter length sleeves; it will go with everything and you will have solved any matching and temperature problems.

A white trouser

White is an easy colour to match but not so easy to wear. It is usually used for blouses and shirts, but for summer you can afford a white trousers. This year’s model is palacewith a high waist and soft on the hips. It will be perfect for any formal event you may have, but at the same time it also works for work and leisure. Then match it with a silver tank top, a black sweater or a coloured top: it will always look good. And if you have bare shoulders, bring along the indispensable shoulder cover.

Striped jersey

How much does the striped style recall the maritime style? A blue and white jersey is all you need and you can immediately hear the sound of the sea. Then a striped garment you must have, to go with white trousers perhaps, to bring the flavour of summer on.


Put trainers aside and leave ballet flats behind: the good season wants the bare foot in a pair of sandals! The sandal is the comfortable footwear of summer, so you need something that flat or at least with a low, square heel. It is designed to cope with outings, walks and even the beach.

If you don’t want to do without heels, then wedges are better. Leave the high, narrow heel only for evening events.


Accessories, despite their name, are certainly not something to be put on the back burner. And the quintessential accessory when in summer are the sunglasses. The minimum is to have one pair, but better two. Consider that summer 2023 wants to dare, with large and unusually shaped glasses, also mask-like. Choose one for leisure, the beach, barbecues and promenade walks: large, banded, with coloured frames. For work, on the other hand, you can have a a more traditional, square, black and moderate in size.