Linen trousers: comfort and style in one garment

Linen trousers: comfort and style in one garment

Comfortable jeans all year round, but when the warm weather arrives it is also the case to leave them to rest on the little man and wear something more suitable. If you are not among the women who like to wear skirts and dresses all summer long, the must have of your wardrobe are linen trousers .

Linen is an exceptional fabric, which allows you to stay cool even on hot days, it is resistant and does not deteriorate over time. It is also true, it must be admitted, that it is a bit complicated to manage, especially to iron. This is precisely due to the resistance of the fibers, which are not very elastic; but it is a small price to pay to wear a garment that is suitable for any occasion, it is always elegant but absolutely comfortable to wear . Shiny to the eye, silky to the touch, durable in washing : what more could you ask for from trousers? Absolutely nothing, and for this reason he becomes one of the best friends of women in the summer.

The summer work outfit

Linen is the ideal fabric for summer. Its ability to absorb moisture from sweat and let the skin breathe is superior even to that of cotton; and on the other hand it is even more elegant. So, if you have an important meeting on a sultry July day, you already know what to get out of your closet.

What to match? Obviously a blouse. If you really want to impress, a silk blouse with a particular hue , such as a deep fuchsia or acid green, is ideal over neutral and light colored linen trousers. Top it off with a high-heeled sandal and everyone will instantly recognize you as a business woman.

Not just a shirt…

Linen trousers are a refined garment and for this reason they are very often reserved for formal occasions, such as ceremonies and events, or for an averagely elegant office outfit. But fashion has no written rules that you can’t break if you do how to do it.

So linen trousers are also great for leisure time and casual occasions , if you want a look that has a touch of sophistication mixed with practicality and comfort. The trick is to match a street style shirt. Choose a large one, to be worn untucked, preferably with a round neckline . It will also go well with a writing, while it is better to avoid prints that are too childish, or they would clash with trousers. Choose a contrasting color : if the pants are beige, go for purple or bright blue; if the trousers are darker, bottle green or intense orange are ideal colours.

Alternatively, wear a tank top, either plain, light or dark . For an aperitif on the beach it is a glamorous and casual look at the same time.

Model cutting

It’s easy to say linen pants, but they’re not all the same! Of course the fabric remains the same, but the cut makes the difference. There are different types and they all manage to maintain that elegant and refined flavor that distinguishes them.

The relaxed-fit palazzo trousers with wide legs and feet-length are also suitable for work and formal occasions. Above all, it depends on the shoe you wear: a little heel is better, to slim the figure.

Candy linen trousers , not too tight on the hips but adherent at the ankle , are perfect for leisure time. Goes well with flat shoes, from flats to flip flops to slipper sandals.

Finally, if you’re looking for something a little different, you can opt for a croppet model . Here you have to pay attention to the choice of footwear , because this cut tends to cut the figure. If you want, you can also wear a pair of stiletto heels, but it’s clear that it’s not an everyday look . If you’re looking for something less demanding, a square heel sandal or, better yet, a wedge completes the outfit perfectly.

Ideal in neutral tint

When you think of linen trousers, your mind immediately goes to neutral colors: beige, dove gray, ivory … these are the perfect colors for this garment. You must have at least one pair of trousers like this in your wardrobe, because they are easy to combine and go with everything. You can always be daring with color, but in order not to complicate life, it is always better to be able to count on basic items.