How to match summer colours in your outfit: tips for a lively and harmonious look

How to match summer colours in your outfit: tips for a lively and harmonious look

In summer, the sun is bright yellow, the sky deep blue, the meadows bright green… is that why the wardrobe is also tinged with light and joyful hues? The fact is that black and brown are somewhat sidelined- although they never wane – and are mainly prerogative of evening and formal occasions; for everyday outfits, whether for work or leisure, one must cast an eye over the rainbow.

The important thing is to know how to match the different colours according to the desired result. Looking for something sober? Then pastel tones will dominate. Shall we celebrate nature’s birth and the lion’s sun? Space for fluorescent colours, also in contrast.

So here are some ideas for not going wrong when you want to have a lively and harmonious look at the same time.

Yellow: straw to lemon

If we had to choose just one from the colour pencil case to describe the summer season par excellence, we would undoubtedly pull out the yellow pencil. Pastel colours are in fashion this year, so garments in straw yellow. The best match is with brown, even deep brown is fine, sage green if you want something neutral and formal; If you prefer to brighten up a bit, try something red, not too bright.

But the truly summery colour is the lemon yellow: bright and bright. It is a colour that can hold up an entire outfit on its own, so you can complement it with ton-sur-ton garments and accessories; if you want to to soften the fluorescent effect, choose basic coloured garments, such as a black shoulder cover-up or a white blouse to match with yellow trousers.

Orange: contrasting with blue

Along with yellow, orange is considered one of the brightest and clearest colours available. You can choose either a softer shade or a charged, almost fluorescent one; the combination, however, is always contrasting. The most popular colour in match is intense blue, also in the light blue variation. Even the green meadow a good alternative, but if you like to be daring, go for fuchsia: an outfit as bright as the hottest summer afternoon.

Light blue, sky blue, electric blue

Every colour has different shades and blue is one of those that allows us the most variation. From light blue to sky blue to deep blue, these are all colours with the same base.

This summer, pastel blue is definitely in fashion and, to respect its delicacy, combine it with neutral colours; A light blue blouse will look great with a beige trousers or even ivory white or cream. You can also go so far as to combine it with pink, but be careful that the two shades go well together and do not make an excessive ‘christening’ effect.

If you are looking for something refined, perhaps for a special event, opt for nude: a blouse semi-transparent peach or flesh-coloured will look great with powder-blue palazzo trousers.

If, on the other hand, the colour is brighter, as already mentioned, go for contrast. Match it with orange or lilac; if you have a deep blue garment, you can break it up with white or pearl grey.

The colour that stands out: fuchsia

Fuchsia is a variant of pink and the two shades are very different: fluorescent the former, delicate the latter. If you are looking for truly colourful garments, you cannot fail to have something fuchsia in your wardrobe: but what does it go with? For an elegant evening, the combination with black is almost a given, but for something more casual look for other strong colours: orange, purple and even bright red. You will be visible with a flowery field.

Black and white: timeless

What happens to black and white? They are always there, just used differently. The total white in summer is always beautiful, elegant and casual in the same way; if you want to break it up with some other colour, let it be really a minimal stain, like a red belt or an orange bow, nothing more.

The total balck only applies to really formal events and does not require any other colours. Finally, not to be forgotten is the basic combination, black and white. It is so classic that one has to know how to dose it in order not to be trivial: black trousers and a white blouse is an office look that has already been seen, but a black-white spotted or checked suit will always stand out.