Bermuda shorts for all shapes: how to choose the right model for your body type

Bermuda shorts for all shapes: how to choose the right model for your body type

Bermuda shorts are one of those items of clothing ripped from the world of sport to end up on the catwalks of designers . In fact, especially in the female version they reached the general public after the American tennis player Alice Marble in 1933 brought them to clay courts. She was looking for something comfortable to play with, abandoning the skirt that was mandatory for women at the time, but in reality she started a new fashion.

At the end of the last century, Bermuda shorts were present above all in men’s wardrobes , while women concentrated more on shorts and miniskirts, to then return to having their own place in women’s wardrobes as well. Today they are worn on every occasion, given the possibility of combining them with different elements to create ever-new outfits based on the occasion of use .

For the office: the suit with Bermuda shorts

Once upon a time the suit was only with a pencil skirt, then pants arrived, whether palazzo or skinny. And the Bermuda shorts? They too have taken their place in the world of business suits and today you can wear them with a matching jacket.

If you want a real suit it is clear that the two garments must be of the same color. It’s a suit, so he’ll be fine for work and some formal – not too mundane – event with a closed-heeled shoe. Don’t forget the accessories, including the belt , which can also be of a masculine cut; it will give an even more professional effect to the set.

However, all this does not preclude that each garment can be combined with others; in short, the Bermuda shorts, once the jacket has been removed, can become a casual garment to wear with sweaters and t-shirts . Even the jacket can obviously be used for something else; like any suit, it can also function as a separate.

For leisure: vest and sandals

If you’re looking for something less formal but still wearable in the city every day, swap your jacket for a vest. For a slightly more glamorous outfit, a linen waistcoat of the same color will allow you to be elegant but not too plastered. Otherwise, you can combine the Bermuda shorts with vests in other fabrics and colors for a more casual style.

In this case the shoe par excellence is the sandal . Even low, very low if you like, or with a square heel of a maximum of 4 centimeters. More would be excessive.

Outdoors: denim Bermuda shorts

Summer is synonymous with time spent outdoors, from parks to walks to the beach. And the good news is that Bermudas suit all of these occasions .

The ideal are those in jeans , which are easily combined and above all resist any activity. You can also wear them on the sand, with a tank top or tank top without any other accessories. Otherwise, combine an oversized sweater to tie on the side or a flared t-shirt to rest on the waist .

With such an outfit you can also dare with sneakers, maybe not sneakers though. Better than canvas shoes, flat and light, comfortable and neutral.

 In the evening: glamorous and sophisticated combinations

Bermuda shorts are obviously worn in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you’re always at the beach or that it’s always 40 degrees. For slightly cooler evenings, you need to combine Bermuda shorts with something that is a little more opaque.

The first option is a jacket . You can also choose the classic blazer cinched at the waist , with a high-heeled shoe and some bright accessories: a formal and always winning look. If you are looking for something less conventional, then the jacket can become long, very long , even longer than the Bermuda shorts themselves. A sort of train that completes the outfit, which can be in a bright color in contrast with jeans or linen Bermuda shorts in a neutral colour.

What if you don’t like the jacket? There is the solution: the cotton sweater . The look changes completely: she wears a top or tank top and a long-sleeved sweater over it, in contrast to the short leg of the Bermuda shorts. Here the shoe makes all the difference . If she chooses sports shoes or ballerinas, the look will lean towards casual. Wearing sandals or pumps with heels, the outfit will be more sophisticated and stylish.