Compliance with Law 124/2017

According to the annual law for the market and competition (Law 124/2017), companies receiving contributions in the previous year of more than 10 thousand euros disbursed by public administrations and by companies owned by public administrations are required to publish on the websites information relating to subsidies, contributions, paid assignments and economic benefits of any kind received the previous year.

KRYSTAL SRL (06555961215) has received public contributions from the Revenue Agency

Anno 2021

Euro 56,656 on 09/04/2021 relating to the non-repayable grant DL 41/2021
Euro 56,656 on 24/06/2021 relating to the non-repayable grant DL 73/2021
Euro 25,955 on 28/12/2021 relating to the grant non-repayable DL 73/2021
Euro 15,000 on 31/12/2021 relating to the Lease Tax

Anno 2020

Euro 54,762 on 23/07/2020 relating to the non-repayable grant pursuant to art DL 34/2020